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McAuliffe Jewellers

McAuliffe Jewellers

McAuliffe Jewellers: 177 King Edward Street, Dunedin OTA 9012, New Zealand

Fabuleux Vous Story

Our jewellery designs are inspired by the world we live in and life itself.

We are true to our commitment to be led by design, uniquely different and always be fashion forward.

For the team at Fabuleux Vous, the beauty of jewellery lies not just in the design and materials but also its place on that journey we call life. We love and treasure the fact that jewellery is an emotional connector.

Our goal is to design simple but elegant pieces that allow you to make that special emotional connection and in doing so connects you to the unique Fabuleux Vous journey.

We like to think that every piece we create becomes part of your own personal story of love, life and family.

"Jewellery is like a biography

A story that tells the many

chapters of our